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Real Estate Developer – Prescott AZ & Mayer Arizona

Beautiful, rugged lands of Mayer ArizonaFain Signature Group has been a dedicated real estate developer in Prescott, AZ and Mayer, Arizona for well over a century. Known for their commitment to stewardship of the Northern Arizona land and building a strong community, Fain Signature group embodies the pioneer spirit of the West. More than just property developers, the Fain Signature Group has increased the value of the area through the creation of industry jobs, residential real estate development, and retail growth. The Fain Signature Group values both the community and its quality of life.
Led by Bill Fain, a third generation Yavapai county native and respected cattle rancher, the Fain Signature Group is committed to promoting positive growth in the area through their development initiatives. Bill’s sons, Brad and Ron, join their father in managing the company. Ron currently serves as President of the Prescott Valley Economic Development Foundation, and Brad has maintained an active role on numerous community organizations, along with the Central Arizona Partnership, whose mission is to promote responsible growth and economic and ecological sustainability in Central Arizona.
Currently serving as both a thriving community development company & local rancher, the Fains are dedicated to being good stewards of the rugged lands of their native state. The Fain Signature Group maintains the family core values of hard work, determination, integrity & ingenuity in their role as real estate developer in Prescott, AZ and Mayer, Arizona. 

Project Manager - Great View Realty, LLC, LM Henley, Broker

Larry Henley has been a real estate developer in Prescott and Mayer, AZ and throughout the state of Arizona for 35 years. Larry’s seven residential real estate development projects include two in the Prescott area - Daybreak at Bensch Ranch and the Crossroads Ranch in Williamson Valley. He has also completed ten commercial development projects.
Raised in Southern California in a real estate family, Larry has experience in a wide range of commercial and residential markets. He has contributed to the highest end of the luxury housing market in the Prescott area at Crossroads Ranch, and is also committed to developing affordable, high quality housing options in the area. The Casitas at Daybreak, retailing at just under $200,000, are currently in development.
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